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StarAxiom’s Professional Ethics philosophy focuses on being honest and truthful to create trust and build stronger relationships with the customers. Ethics are set of rules and standards that govern the principals of success and leadership

We strongly believe the 10 ethics while offering solutions and services to our customers i.e:
-Careful Listening
-Effective Communication
-Honesty & Transparency
-Courteous & Respectful
-Commitment to excellence At last our philosophy clearly states that the company-marketing practices should be based on consumer satisfaction, innovative ideas and offered solutions are for customer long-term values and benefit.


StarAxiom’s Technical Support team have a specific set of responsibilities in the organization, such as installing, testing, and maintaining the systems. However, to excel in tech support, our tech’s skills must go beyond their ability to perform these tasks. They have certain qualities that support their aptitudes and technical knowledge.

Our qualities that every technician is having:-
-Self Disciplined and Down to earth nature
-Great Communication skill
-Attention to Details
-Excellent Problem Solving Skills
and at last we have Passion for Technology.

Our Technical support have many communication channels and they are: Phone Support/Live chat support/Email support/Remote support/On-Site support

The reason for providing a multi channel support system instead of one general support group is to provide the best possible service in the most efficient possible manner.


Our Solution/Product assures in terms of Quality, Price and long Term shelf life to gain the respect and trust of the customer. They serve as a mandatory means to guarantee a high quality standard

We make the practices more ethical and responsible by perfecting the following characteristics:
-Products are with Safety Standards
-Have Ethical & Competitive pricing
-Respecting customer privacy
-Always Manage promises
-Offered Innovative & Latest products
-Offer Industry recognition solutions
-Always Delivery products on committed time
-Extended Warranty
-Will Maintenance for years through AMCs.

Creating a customer-focused culture of this nature our offered Solutions are budget-oriented product assurance are given highest priority. Valuable solutions

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    Product certification confirms that a product meets the necessary local, national or international quality standards and consumers can have confidence that the products are safe, reliable and of good quality.
    Product certifications in today’s world has become a prime factor in deciding the product. Certifications gave customer a way to analyze the product before buying them and ensures that the product is fit for investment and utilizing, therefore it is a stamp of approval which helps a consumer make an informed decision.
    Certified products has gone through several tests and it is of good quality, durability and a good life cycle period and you don’t have to invest too much in maintaining it or repairing it.
    So, it is wiser to invest in the certified products rather than buy a product of lower quality and then struggle with repairs and maintenance issues.

    StarAxiom Products/Systems key benefits:
    -Product safety, Reliability & Performance
    -Customer satisfaction
    -Reduced maintenance cost
    -Credibility to customer

    Staraxiom’s Product/Systems Certifications are: UL listed / CE / FCC / ROHS compliant & ISO 9001 & 2015.
    Thus ensuring a reliable products/Systems to our Customers.

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    Scalability is a characteristic of a system, model or function that describes its capability to cope and perform under an increased or expanding workload. A system that scales well will be able to maintain or even increase its level of performance or efficiency when tested by larger operational demands.

    Scalability, as a property of our Entrance Control system fall in two broad categories i.e. Vertical scalability & Horizontal scalability.
    Vertical scalability is the ability to increase the capacity of existing nodes or hardware by adding resources to the existing system. And Horizontal scalability affords the ability to scale wider to deal with traffic. It is the ability to connect multiple software entities, applications, servers, so that they work as a single and expanded logical unit.

    Thus Scalability of products is a major concern in finalization of Entrance control Solution, it is synonymous to increasing or expanding a system’s capacity or capability.
    Our systems have the ability to enhance the system by adding new functionality at minimal effort.
    It should be scalable in terms of :-
    -Hardware and embedded software
    -Integration with third party integrations
    -Efficiency of the motors
    -Addition of security features etc.
    And you can invest in a system with confidence, you won't outgrow it.

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    StarAxiom’s Maintenance Programs help organizations to improve quality, reduce costs, increase equipment uptime & Overall Equipment Effectiveness and bring failure rate to Zero thus-extend the life of the equipment closer to design, this translates into money savings.
    A preventive maintenance helps customers to pro-actively manage: maintenance, repairs, and replacements so that failures will be prevent before they ever have the chance to occur.

    Advantages of Maintenance Programs:-
    -Reduced unexpected shutdowns of equipment or processes
    -will keep your operation running efficiently,
    -extend the lifetime usage of the assets.
    -Energy savings.
    -Improved worker and environmental safety.

    StarAxiom Manages Maintenance Programs by the following steps:-
    -we look, listen, feel, smell to our equipments very carefully.
    -we employ a multi-tool approach to diagnose the issue.
    -we always learn root cause analysis technique.
    And will informed well to customer’s operations departments about the maintenance schedules in advance.
    Thus ensuring a smooth running of the products/Systems.

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    Competition is the critical driver of performance and innovation. Intelligent pricing is StarAxiom’s one of the most important elements for its successful business venture. We have maintained a array of balance with excellent products/systems at affordable prices. The quality product and a competition-oriented pricing, also known as market-oriented pricing. As a StarAxiom policy we never compromise on quality while deciding on competitive pricing.

    Customer also gains the most from greater competition in the market with fair and open competition which lower the prices and have greater choice.  Limiting consumers’ freedom of choice, stalls innovation. Impediments to innovation are a setback. Market conditions that permit a single company to become the sole judge of price and quality set a dangerous precedent.

    StarAxiom fair trade and open competition in the market enables to deliver a greater variety of competitive products to their customers, results in lower prices and higher performance.

    Our competition and innovation in the Entrance Control industry fuel growth in the security industry and encourages economic development worldwide. Priicing strategy is challenging, complex, and offers no shortcuts. 

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    Our Engineering Excellence ensures comfort, communication and cost reduction, injecting deep domain product expertise for consistent, high quality products.
    Our aim is to give client the best in the marketplace by applying advanced services and engineering excellence to complex problems and critical issues.

    Throughout our company's history we have built on our engineering success, investing in new product development, advanced production equipment and supporting the professional development of our engineers to ensure we stay ahead of our competition.

    Our core value of engineering excellence builds on solid foundations like:- Strong fundamentals, Deep technical focus, Hands-on expertise, Simulation expertise and Continuous expertise.
    Our company is committed to constant improvement and its in-house research and development team continue to develop new innovations which make our existing products perform better.

    Benefits of Engineered products:
    -achieving operational excellence, superior customer
    experience through continuous innovation, Customer trust,
    our unparalleled technical proficiency, improve product
    effectiveness and maximize ROI.
    Thus offers a engineered products/Systems to our valuable Customers.

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    An extended warranty is effectively an insurance policy designed to protect the owner from the cost of repairs after the original warranty has expired.
    An extended warranty is a safeguard against unexpected product repairs. An extended warranty helps to ensure that repair costs are covered without undue financial stress.
    However, while that commitment will extend the life of the product, it cannot guarantee that repairs will never be needed.
    Customer will get more peace of mind & savings with an extended warranty.

    Following are the Benefits from the extended warranty:
    -Protection from mechanical or electrical breakdown after
    the manufacturer’s warranty expires
    -Onsite service for product/systems
    -Sometimes a replacement may be needed that will be
    done without extra cost.

    When it comes to protecting your investment , there is no better way than an extended warranty. Buying an extended warranty or annual service contract during the period company will pay for expensive repairs and not the customer.
    Thus ensures a complete peace of mind.


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