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StarAxiom Credentials for Comprehensive & Functional

pedestrian entrance control solutions
an MSME Registered Company

StarAxiom is an MSME registered company to offer its customer’s Make-In-India products with the benefits like: superior quality, durable products, extended warranty & 10 yrs Service/Spare support And the assurance of always being with the customer.

an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

StarAxiom's methodology is in accordance with the most trusted quality management standards. And maintain an effective high quality management process as per ISO 9001:2015 procedures to achieve the increasing demands of customer.

CE/IP56/EN 60204-I, Product Certifications

STXIM products have International CE Certification and are having IP certificates from 42 to 56 ratings, to strengthen the product quality and consumer’s confidence in the products that they are safe, reliable and are of good quality.

STXIM pedestrian entrance control solutions

Our turnstile meets diverse requirements for comfort & safety in pedestrian entrance control industry

STXIM stands for high-quality and trust worthy products, placing priority on its value of Customer First.

The core perfection & preciseness in designing & making a consistent, functional and a free flow pedestrian entrance control solutions incorporates highly modular & flexible design with adaptable & superior technology to meet customers diverse requirements of comfort & safety. The futuristic and architecturally designed pedestrian entrance control solutions comes with protection/safety norms for customers peace of mind.




Product Range

STXIM pedestrian entrance control solutions

Our pedestrian turnstiles/barriers are designed to offer free flow &
obstruction free Access with most secured features
Contactless Access Control

Face Recognition Terminal with Temperature & Mask Detection

In the wake of COVID-19 and surge in demand of Temperature Screening of the employees/visitors STXIM offers Turnstile with “Contactless Live Face Recognition Terminal along with Temperature & Mask detection”
Access Control Technologies

Seamless Integration with Turnstiles

STXIM offers versatile Pedestrian Entrance Control Solutions with world’s professional & renowned access control manufacturers.

touchless biometric

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face recognition

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palm vein scanner

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rfid system

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iris scanner

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-Sustainable products/systems
-MCBF 5/10 million cycles
-Customized Solutions
-Extended Warranty
-Spares availability upto 5-7 yrs
-India vide Sales & Support network

Vertical Solutions

-ESD test & control Mgmt. Sol.
-Random Frisking module
-People counting
-Safety/Middle bypass protection
-Tailgate-3D Imaging detector
-Normally Open Passage module

Product Highlights

-Fully Field programmable
-Auto learning mechanism
-UL/CE/ISO certifications
-IP 44/56/65 protection conformity
-High Precision motor & Intelligent mechanism
-Seamless Integration with any Access Control

Our Strengths

Quality, Proficiencies and Strongness

With the strengths of STXIM, products have the ability to be used roughly without being failure which is the advantage over other Brands to make it sucessfull.

Product certification confirms that a product meets the necessary local, national or international quality standards and consumers can have confidence that the products are safe, reliable and of good quality.


Scalability is a characteristic of a system, model or function that describes its capability to cope and perform under an increased or expanding workload. A system that scales well will be able to maintain or even increase its level of performance or efficiency when tested by larger operational demands.


StarAxiom’s Maintenance Programs help organizations to improve quality, reduce costs, increase equipment uptime & Overall Equipment Effectiveness and bring failure rate to Zero thus-extend the life of the equipment closer to design, this translates into money savings.


Competition is the critical driver of performance and innovation. Intelligent pricing is StarAxiom’s one of the most important elements for its successful business venture. We have maintained a array of balance with excellent products/systems at affordable prices.


Our Engineering Excellence ensures comfort, communication and cost reduction, injecting deep domain product expertise for consistent, high quality products. Our aim is to give client the best in the marketplace by applying advanced services and engineering excellence to complex problems and critical issues.


An extended warranty is effectively an insurance policy designed to protect the owner from the cost of repairs after the original warranty has expired. An extended warranty is a safeguard against unexpected product repairs. An extended warranty helps to ensure that repair costs are covered without undue financial stress.


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Our clients choose us because of our expertise in the Pedestrian Entrance Control Industry, we go extra mile to provide a value-added services & products to our customers.

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